As She is Dying

In the midst of tragic loss, can beauty be uncovered?  It can.  Everyone must face the passing of a loved one.  An Appalachian pastor writing from his experience of officiating nearly 1000 funerals provides hope.  Tears are the balm for your soul.  The laughter of memories are the footfalls for your tomorrows.

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Ask any Appalachian the question, “When is Appalachia most beautiful?”  Every Appalachian will answer, “During autumn, when the leaves of Appalachia’s trees are dying.”  Appalachians believe the beauty of their landscape is almost heaven.  With the honor of officiating nearly 1000 funerals, Pastor Kevin Cain offers life in the midst of death.

In As She Is Dying, Kevin Cain writes, “I have given my life to bring hope to a people who have little reason to hope.  Maybe Appalachians have allowed our hills’ majesty and grandeur to blind us from coal dust and addiction.  Yet, I do see hope.  I see hope in what is dying.  I see hope in what is dead.  I see hope in what remains.  Yes, death has the keen ability to either clear up, cover up or stir up.  Still, sometimes we must descend in order to turn into the clouds.

As She Is Dying is a book about death that offers stories of life.  In these pages, you will find a little bit of wisdom, some stories of hope, and the eulogizing words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart which I trust have been acceptable in the sight of my strength and my Redeemer.  Somehow and somewhere in death, hope must be discovered.  Maybe, through the literal metaphor of Appalachians’ deaths, you can see life.  Some were reconciled long before their deaths.  Some were reconciled just prior to their deaths.  And, others were reconciled in the midst of death.  There is hope for all…hope’s breath, even in death.”

What Others Have Said


“It was Solomon who said that it’s better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting.  Or to say it another way – we learn more from funerals than parties.  My friend, Kevin Cain, unpacks Solomon’s wisdom with astounding real life stories drawn from his many experiences inside the “house of mourning”.  These stories give us perspective into our own lives, enabling us to steward well the few fleeting moments we have on this earth.”

— Bryan Loritts
Lead Pastor
Abundant Life, Mountain View, CA.
Author, Insider/Outsider


“Oddly, the first time I met Kevin was while on a three day silent retreat organized by a mutual friend. Fortunately, we had some time on the way to the airport to share about our experiences… that’s when I was blindsided by Kevin’s way with words. Some people have an ability to say things that open you up to a new way to see the world. Kevin is one of those people.”

— Pat Barrett
Singer/songwriter for the band Housefires, with songs, “Good Good Father,” and “Build My Life.”


About the Author


KEVIN CAIN is the founding pastor of Kingdom: A Community Church in Westover, West Virginia.  Pastoring for nearly three decades in the same Appalachian town in which he grew up has provided Kevin with deep community roots and, with those roots, the opportunity to officiate nearly 1000 funerals.  In the midst of loss and grief, he sees each funeral as an opportunity to bring hope.  Kevin and his wife, Lesley, are the parents of three college-age sons and three dogs.





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