December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018 Daily Devotional

Read:  Exodus 35 

“Thus every man and woman of the people of Israel whose heart impelled him to contribute to any of the work Adonai had ordered through Moses brought it to Adonai as a voluntary offering.” (Exodus 35:29 CJSB)

Always remember God had provided for the recently liberated Israelites.  Hundreds of years prior, God informed Abraham of His plan to decimate the Egyptian economy.  Moses was also told of God’s plans.  Slaves do not possess great net wealth.  Bondsmen and bondswomen do not have stored up vast amounts of equity.  The Israelites saw their empty hands filled with God’s gold, silver, and precious stones He had entrusted to the Egyptians.  When God requested them to bring a freewill offering, those who held the new found riches with a miserly closeness saw their gold, silver, and precious stones mutate into wood, hay, and stubble.  Only the pre-thrice-visited Ebenezer’s among us believe the riches they possess are as a result of personal efforts.  Yet Christmas morning Scrooge’s know all their wealth is to be shared, because their wealth has, is, and always will be gifts to be willingly bestowed.  Ninety percent is not yours, any more than ten percent is God’s.  One hundred percent is God’s.  We must ask God what is needed to advance His will.  We do not determine the offering any more than we have manifested the provision.  So pray.  Then give.   

Today's Meditation:  Freely we have received.  Freely we give.

Look to the East,


December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018 Daily Devotional

Read:  Exodus 34 

“But when the people of Israel saw Moses’ face, that the skin of Moses’ face shone, he would put the veil back over his face until he went in again to speak with Adonai.” (Exodus 34:35 CJSB)

The glory of God must shine from each of the sons and daughters of the living God…always.  Moses stepped into the presence of God, and when he did the holy bath he received was evident in his eyes.  The lamp of the body is the light of the eyes.  Moses spent much time in God’s light, and this much light was evident in him.  How much time do you spend in God’s presence?  This is not a questioning, but simply a question.  Each must consider the amount of time in the presence of God spent.  The world should see the glory of God emanating from our faces, dripping from our hands, shoeing our feet, and singing from our tongues.  Reflection does not come from a life that considers God.  Reflection of divine light comes when the individual makes himself present to God’s presence, then contemplates God, then surrenders, then receives, then reflection begins.  God must be seen in His children.  Do you need a veil?

Today's Meditation:  Reflect God’s light.

Look to the East,


December 9, 2018

December 9, 2018 Daily Devotional

Read:  Exodus 33 

“Moses replied, ‘If your presence doesn’t go with us, don’t make us go on from here.’” (Exodus 33:15 CJSB)

Consider four different life movements.  Some walk their own journey through life with zero acknowledgement of the omnipresent God.  Some live a life of morality and welcome God into their existences when blessings come and call for thanks; when hardships come and require help; and, when they engage in religious activities where each expects to be sufficiently spiritually gratified.  Some welcome God’s provision and blessings, but live lives void of spiritual submission.  Then, there are some whose life is the Life God is; these are always engaged, and when life comes along—good or bad—these never have to look to God for counsel, because their hearts, minds, and eyes are already fixed upon the God in Whom they live, move, and have their being.  Moses tells God he would not lead the Israelites across the Jordan if they crossed the Jordan from the context of any of the first three movements.  Moses says, “If we don’t go with You, God one hundred percent, then there is really no sense in taking one more step.”  Each step we walk, each thought we think, each action we take is to be done so with God one hundred percent, or else there is just no sense of moving forward.

Today's Meditation:  Go only with God.

Look to the East,


December 8, 2018

December 8, 2018 Daily Devotional

Read:  Exodus 32 

“I answered them, ‘Anyone with gold, strip it off!’  So they gave it to me.  I threw it in the fire, and out came this calf!” (Exodus 32:24 CJSB)

What happens when a person sits and waits on God?  In this account of two Hebrew brothers, both were in God’s presence.  One found himself on the top of the mountain with God.  One found himself at the base of the mountain with God.  Much can go right and much can go wrong when in silence before God.  For those who drift, those who wait impatiently and attempt to seize control of the time, these are those who find themselves fashioning that which is not God from created resources.  All the revelry leaves them in the place of the Creator’s displeasure and conditions in need of even greater remedy.  Then, there are those who wait upon the Lord.  God is before them.  They wait.  They are still.  They let God fashion them, rather than they attempting to fashion God.  Any attempt to fashion God results in a presently shiny, but a soon to tarnish god.  Acknowledge God before you, and rest in the One Who both made you and is making you.  You can drift to rest, but never drift away.  In God’s hands, continue to present yourself to the One fashioning.  Never add to God’s work.  Never allow your hands to assume personal control, but only surrender.  Whether alone or in a crowd, wait upon God Who is before you, and allow God alone to do the work of a fashioner.

Today's Meditation:  Surrender to the Fashioner.

Look to the East,


December 7, 2018

December 7, 2018 Daily Devotional

Read:  Exodus 31 

“Adonai said to Moses, ‘I have singled out Bezalel the son of Uri the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, I have filled him with the Spirit of God—with wisdom, understanding and knowledge concerning every kind of artisanry.” (Exodus 31:1-3 CJSB)

God promises to bring the artisans.  Each and every one of us is gifted by God, but the full maturity of each individual’s gifts comes to fruition when the individual allows the great gifts of others to amalgamate with his/her own.  To welcome necessary, complimentary enhancement is the humble allowance of gestation, birth, and maturity.  Individual gifts exercised exclusively, individually is the definition of pride.  Moses was mighty, but he could not go it alone.  Moses needed Aaron’s mouth.  Moses needed Zipporah’s knife.  Moses needed Miriam’s song.  Moses needed Jethro’s wise counsel.  Moses needed Aaron and Hur’s supporting hands.  Moses needed Joshua’s service.  Moses needed Bezalel’s artisanry.  God may have called us individually, but God’s individual callings must result in a communal body or else the sound waves perceived are simply echoes of selfishness.  We are one and many, each both distinct and dependent on the others.  It is one who came no further and took off his sandals, because he was standing on holy ground, but the one was called for the sake of the many.  And, it is the many who together most effectively manifest the image of God.

Today's Meditation:  Many ones form one who declare the One.

Look to the East,


December 6, 2018

December 6, 2018 Daily Devotional

Read:  Exodus 30 

“When [Aaron’s sons] enter the tent of meeting—they are to wash with water, so that they won’t die.” (Exodus 30:20a CJSB)

While in the upper room, Jesus advised Simon Peter that if the burly fisherman turned disciple was not washed by Christ, he could have no part with Christ.  This is not a negative statement of exclusion.  It is a positive calling of inclusion to the cleansing the Messiah has, does, and will provide.  Such is the reason God commands Moses to see that Aaron’s sons are washed prior to entering the tent of meeting.  When Nadab, Abihu, Simon Peter, you, I, and anyone approaches God, each needs to be cleansed by the Messiah Who has the exclusive power to cleanse.  It is a simple matter of submissive presentation and request.  Through prayer, or worship, or the opening of the Scripture, or fasting, each makes herself/himself available to the Washer.  Each says to Him, “Wash me, Lord.  I have presented myself to you.”  You know you’re dirty.  God knows you’re dirty.  God will never rub your nose in your own filth.  Cleansing us is one of God’s most favorite actions.  God loves to make us spotless, white as snow, glorious and presentable in His sight.  Present yourself.  Request.  Be cleansed.

Today's Meditation:  To be cleansed is a beautiful thing.

Look to the East,


December 5, 2018

December 5, 2018 Daily Devotional

Read:  Exodus 29 

“Then I will live with the people of Israel and be their God:  they will know that I am Adonai their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt in order to live with them.  I am Adonai their God.” (Exodus 29:45, 46 CJSB)

The good doctor, Luke records a word-lesson—parable or non-fiction we do not know—Jesus shared concerning a very rich man with no name offered, and a very poor man named, Lazarus.  Both died.  On the other side of physical existence, Lazarus found himself in Abraham’s bosom, while the rich man found himself in Hades.  Jesus said between the two of them, “There is a great chasm fixed, so that those who wish to come over from here to you will not be able, and that none may cross over from there to us.” (Luke 16:26 NASB)  The Messiah offers a glimpse of everlasting life.  No member of creation has ever been charged with the management duties of the other side of physical existence.  That responsibility is the sole responsibility of Creator, God.  However, the time of one’s stay on earth is the responsibility of each individual.  God brought Israel out of Egypt, “In order to live with them,” and be Israel’s God.  God has no desire for Israel, nor any of us on this side of everlasting life to be separated from Him by a great, uncrossable chasm.  Thus, the Father sent the Son.  Thus, the Son was crucified, was buried, and resurrected from the dead.  Thus, the great chasm has been and remains bridged.  Thus, humanity can choose to walk from Egypt to the place where God lives with us as our God.  Thus, Holy Spirit moves every individual towards the salvific Door Who is Jesus and the reconciled life His Gospel affords.  We must see the physical parables present in the truth of these accounts of spiritual reality and deliverance.  For those who will faithfully, submissively follow, God brings them from Egypt through the Messianic Way of the Red Sea in order to live with them and be their God.

Today's Meditation:  In order to live with us and be our God

Look to the East,