March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019 Daily Devotional

Read:  Deuteronomy 25

“You are not to have in your pack two sets of weights, one heavy, the other light.  You are not to have in your house two sets of measures, one big, the other small.  You are to have a correct and fair weight, and you are to have a correct and fair measure, so that you will prolong your days in the land Adonai your God is giving you.” (Deuteronomy 25:13-15 CJSB)

It is the world that offers inequality and claims balance, hence declaring its devotion to favoritism.  The motivation for favoritism ultimately finds itself in the foundations of personal advancement.  Yet in the Messianic Community, this consumeristic, egotistic, and imperialistic heart holds no title.  First, the call of Creator to creation comes with Messiah descending with exhaustive equality to every nook and cranny of creation.  God always has and God always will flow with restorative love.  When will Messiah ever cease to be so?  Incarnation, Who is perfect nature and atmosphere can never cease to be perfect nature and atmosphere.  An equal offering of love and life has been extended to all.  Once born again into Messianic Community, equality is the absolute.  In Messianic Community, there are no Jews, nor Greeks; there are no slaves, for all are free; male and female each has been created, yet the sole image is the image of God.  While unbalanced happiness and sadness attempt to draw us from the nature and atmosphere of the fruit of the Spirit’s perfect equality, even while here, we never have to leave the life we have received.  Holy equality is the only true balance.  All else is death.

Today's Meditation:  Life is equal and balanced

Look to the East,