March 15, 2019

March 15, 2019 Daily Devotional

Read:  Deuteronomy 26

“In turn Adonai is agreeing today that you are His own unique treasure, as He promised you; that you are to observe all His commandments; and that He will raise you high above all the nations He has made, in praise, reputation and glory; and that, as He said, you will be a holy people for Adonai your God.” (Deuteronomy 26:18, 19 CJSB)

The Israelites of Moses’ day were a rebellious people, but Moses reminds those same rebellious people that in God’s eyes they are God’s own unique treasure.  A child can make a parent proud.  A child can disappoint a parent.  Still, in both success and failure, the child of the parent remains the parent’s own unique treasure.  This is how God sees you.  You are God’s unique treasure.  Because you are, live a life that observes all God’s commandments.  And when you do live in submissive observation of the Lord’s rule and reign, you will be raised above.  Your life will bring praise to the Lord, acknowledged reputation to the Lord, and glory to the one true God.  You, unique treasure, will find yourself firmly established in the holiness of God.

Today's Meditation:  Unique Treasure

Look to the East,